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Magnum Catalog (PDF)

Downloadable complete version of the Magnum catalog in PDF. Download
Magnum HD!

EGR - DPF -DOC Catalog

This catalog features products from our Magnum HD line along with MaxFilter DPF products. It covers EGR valves, coolers, gasket kits and components along with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) and Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOC). Download
Magnum Quality Replacement Parts

Pro Package Flyer

Product guide for the newly released Pro Packages. Injectors and ancillary parts all in one easy to order part number. Download

6.0L PowerStroke Performance Turbos

Streetable turbocharger performance upgrades for the 6.0L PowerStroke diesel. Download

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Magnum Price File

Magnum Quality Replacement Parts Price List

Price file for the Magnum product line in PDF format. Download
Magnum Quality Replacement Parts

Magnum Pro-Package Price List

Price file for the newly released Magnum Pro-Packages. Download
Magnum HD

HE551V ISX Turbochargers

Flyer with cross-reference information on the newly released reman HE551V turbochargers for ISX Cummins applications. Download