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CAPS Replacement Kit Flyer

Product flyer for our CAPS fuel system replacement kit less contact information. Feel free to add your contact information to this flyer and pass them out to customers. Download
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BorgWarner Turbo Core Grading Guide

Details pertaining to the turbocharger core grading process for all BorgWarner remanufactured turbochargers. Download
Magnum HD!

EGR - DPF -DOC Catalog

This catalog features products from our Magnum HD line along with MaxFilter DPF products. It covers EGR valves, coolers, gasket kits and components along with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) and Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOC). Download

EPS205 Injector Adapters

ADS, Inc. has developed adapters so that the EPS205 is able to test Denso Common Rail injectors used in many John Deere applications. Check out this flyer for details. Download
MaxFilters by ADS

MaxFilter DPF Cross Reference Guide

Cross reference from OEM part numbers to the MaxFilter part number. Download

MaxFilter Flyer

MaxFilter informational flyer without ADS logos. Download
Mack Parts

Mack Turbos / EUP's

Product flyer for Mack turbochargers and EUP's with cross reference information. Download
Delphi injector cross reference.

Delphi Injector Cross

Cross reference information for Delphi EUI's (Electronic Unit Injectors). Download
ATA - Axis Turbocharger Accessories

ATA Catalog

Latest version of the Axis Turbocharger Accessories (ATA) catalog. Download

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ATA Price List

ATA product line price file with dealer and suggested retail pricing. Download
Stanadyne Additive

Stanadyne Fuel Additive Price File

Dealer and suggested retail pricing for Stanadyne Fuel Additives. Download

EPS205 Adapter Pricing

Price sheet for the EPS205 John Deere injector adapters. Download
MaxFilter Replacement DPF

MaxFilter DPF Price List

Dealer and retail pricing on the MaxFilter replacement DPF product line. Download