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4" LLY/LBZ Duramax Exhaust

In Stock | Item Number: 0405C4M | Manufacturer: The Expandit Company | Manufacturer Part No: 0405C4M


The diesel engine works best when allowed to breath deep. The power plant in your truck needs that cool dense air coming into the intake to make serious horsepower. But we can’t forget that it’s just as important to get that hot exhaust out of the truck and away from vital parts such as pistons, valves, manifolds and turbochargers. The OE manufacturers thought it was a good idea to sell you a truck with smashed 3½” exhaust tubing and that may be ok for the average guy. But come on…you bought your truck for so much more than average. You’re towing. You’re working. You’re racing and pulling and you need more!

Area Diesel Service offers large diameter turbo back exhaust kits for most trucks from built from 1994 to 2007**. All of our kits include the following:

  • Installation hardware including brackets, clamps and hangers
  • Large diameter aluminized steel piping
  • Smooth mandrel bends to increase flow and efficiency
  • Nice throaty sound

**Turbo back exhaust kits require converters and other emissions devices to be kept in place to be street legal. 

Thanks for having that fuel pump in stock for my 5.9L. Worked great.

—Jeff via Facebook