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Upcoming Trucking Shows & AG Diesel Shows

Area Diesel Service is hitting the highway to participate in the industry's most renowned diesel trucking shows, including the MATS Truck Show 2017 in Lousiville, KY. Join our diesel specialists for the next MATS Truck Show or any other AG or diesel truck show where innovative companies like Area Diesel gather to shape the future of the trucking and agricultural industries.

Area Diesel will be attending the Mid-South Farm & Gin Show in March 2018!

Mid-South Farm & Gin Show March 2 - 3 Memphis, TN - Booth 7055

Area Diesel will be attending the Mid-America Trucking Show in March 2018!

Mid-America Trucking Show March 22 - 24 Louisville, KY - Booth 61044

Area Diesel will be attending UCC/DPI Expo in May 2018!

Ultimate Callout Challenge - DCI Expo May 4 - 6 Lucas Oil Raceway - Booth P20