Our diesel repair and innovative diesel performance shop opened in 1973.

Dedicated, Innovative Diesel Repair

Established in 1973, our diesel repair and performance truck products shop has grown from a tiny, one-man show into a thriving national operation. In the early '70s, Val Leefers discovered his passion and talent for innovative diesel performance upgrades that improve fuel injection systems and repairing diesel pumps. After honing his diesel repair skills, Val built a small building just outside Carlinville, Illinois; bought $1300 in inventory; and hung his shingle. Area Diesel Service was open for business, though business wasn't exactly booming.

Val sweated out the rough early years the only way he saw fit—by establishing innovative diesel performance that saves customers money over the long haul and by providing dedicated, honest service. Remaining true to those core values to this day, Area Diesel has earned its place as a leader in the Midwest diesel market and later looked to expand on that success.

Innovative diesel performance truck products and service caused our success.

Built on Innovative Diesel Performance

As Area Diesel Service solidified our reputation for providing innovative diesel performance through quality parts and service, both our building and team grew. The Carlinville diesel repair shop has continually expanded to accomodate our passion for innovation. Today, the building boasts extensive space and the latest performance truck products and equipment for our diesel fuel injection department, turbo department, warehouse, and state-of-the-art machine shop—for custom updates and repairs on intricate diesel engines and components.

In 1984, we opened a second location outside Des Moines, Iowa, letting our team serve diesel owners west of the Mississippi. The Iowa branch recently underwent an expansive overhaul, equipping our experts with all they need for diesel repair and performance upgrades on nearly any diesel engine, from AG equipment to 18-wheelers to recreational diesel trucks and imports.

In early 2017, we opened our third location in Indianapolis, Indiana, giving our customers on the eastern fringe of the Midwest an opportunity to experience Area Diesel's quality products and customer service in person.

Area Diesel now has upward of 40 full-time employees, including factory-trained diesel technicians. Collectively, we still honor the principles Val built the company on: dedication to improving diesel performance through hard work, honesty, ongoing development of technical skills, and quality diesel performance products. And we can't forget one of Val's most valued rules: Always go the extra distance to ensure customer satisfaction!

Our performance truck products include diesel engine repair parts.

Bolstered by Performance Truck Products

Area Diesel's success in the Midwest has let us forge relationships with some of the biggest companies in the diesel industry. These relationships have resulted in the opportunity to sell our performance truck products and diesel engine replacement parts online. The overwhelming customer response has taken Area Diesel national, and that success has only fueled our passion for all things diesel performance.

Whether for reliable diesel repair service in the Midwest or shopping for diesel products online, Area Diesel Service is ready to put our 40-plus years' experience to work for you.